The WORKSAFE 1 Waterproof lantern features circuit breaking mechanism, glove size handle, switch guard and spare bulb holder. 50,000 beam candlepower. 6 volt

Trooper II
• Focused beam
• More power, more light
• 3 watt LED bulb (lasts 50,000+ hrs)
• Black anodized aluminum
• Water resistant

This flashlight features a spare bulb compartment, a switch guard and an unbreakable Tuflexx® lens.

No more hassles with upgrading your Responder from an Alkaline to a rechargeable. It's done in one easy step with these 2 upgrade kits for Div 1 and Div 2 models.

Brightstar Director Lites are waterproof, highly visible, bright and durable. Cones snap on and off easily. Removable tip allows you to direct light beam. Slip-on cones fit over light when not in use.